About the Preview

Welcome to the preview!

As you can see, there's still a lot of content to be created, and not all of it will be created in order. Just because you don't see a prerequisite or a deeper dive on something doesn't mean it's not coming! But if you encounter anything you don't understand, feel free to leave a comment so I can potentially add it!

About Comments

I have enabled comments on all lectures within the preview. These comments need to be moderated before they will show up publicly. This means you can use those comments to reach out to me if you find any errors or want to leave any feedback. I will receive those comments and either message you directly if there is an error or I don't feel the comment contributes to the overall community, or approve them for public display if it's a helpful tip or comment. If you would absolutely not like your comment to be posted publicly, please note that in the comment and I'll keep it private and reach out to you directly.

How Often will Videos be Posted?

My cadence will greatly depend on the types of lessons I have left to create. Deeper dives and theory-only videos are pretty easy as those can be done pretty quickly without influencing the rest of the course. Other lessons may actually require that I plan many lesson that follow them in order to ensure code I write in one lesson doesn't end up breaking the flow for the rest of the course.

For instance, if I'm adding the Postgres database to a compose file (which we'll do), I need to ensure I cover everything necessary to connect to that database as well as ensuring everything that follows that database will also be able to work properly. This takes time as I need to ensure networking is covered, environment variable are covered, and much more. So you might see a week without videos, then have 10 - 20 videos be released the following week in one giant release. So please be patient, but feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Enjoy the course!

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