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  • Basic Docker commands
  • The Docker Layer system
  • Advanced filtering and CLI commands
  • Dockerfile optimization
  • Docker Compose
  • Build a fully automated and containerized IoT Pipeline using Flask, NodeRED, InfluxDB, and Grafana

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  Docker Basics
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  Docker Compose
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  Using Gitlab as a Remote Registry
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  Administration, Security, and Maintenance
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Preview FAQ

Q: What does "preview" mean?

It means that this course is NOT COMPLETE, but content will be released regularly until it is.

Q: How long until it is completed?

Short answer: I do not know. The course is currently around 2 hours and I am shooting for anywhere from 5 - 7 hours of content. This will take several weeks, but hopefully not longer. Sometimes, I get excited about a topic and the course length grows accordingly, but you can expect a fairly steady release of content. All updates are included with the original purchase.

Q: Are lessons released in order?

Not always! I try to stick to a release order, but sometimes I come up with new ideas, new features are released, or topics just need more explanation based on feedback. I'll update everyone when new videos are released so you can go back and watch them.

Q: I received a coupon code from the preview program, but it expired, can you honor that coupon?

Unfortunately, no. When I release coupon codes for course previews, those discounts reflect the current completion state of the course. When more content is added, the price goes up. A completed course that is out of preview will no longer be discounted.

Q: Can I return the course if it takes too long or I don't like it?

Sure! I will refund your money as long as it is within 30 days. I just ask that you shoot me a message and let me know why you would like to return it. Also, if you return the course and wish to purchase it again after more content is added, previous coupons will not be honored.